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Eurotrip Finland Day 6
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Aanekoskii is a beautiful village that has many forests, lakes and mountains just like the Riihivuori mountain that we saw yesterday.
Beside this we also went to the Telakkakadun koulu school. It’s a huge school with many different classes including these ones that we saw :
The geography class where we gave a presentation about alcohol and driving , then we went to the German class and the we went to some mountains where we climbed to the top and ate sausages in front of a fire .
When we got back to to school, some students went back to their host families and we played basketball with some Finnish friends.
It was a great day with really cool people and beautiful places.

Justy and Virgil

Today we had classes from 8 to 12 pm. Our first class was politics and economics. We talked about the elections in Finland. Then we went to German class where we learnt some expressions in German. After this class, we observed a class with asylum seekers. We presented ourselves and talked about Congo and Finland.
At 11 we went to the cafeteria to have lunch, we ate a kind of salty pancake made of vegetables.
After school, we took the bus and we parked next to a lake. We did a little bit of hiking and we appreciated the landscapes at the same time. When we arrived to the top, we had a barbecue.
This day was really unforgettable.

Celia Haoui and Valeryia

During our hike around Kapeenkoski Lake, we met two journalists from local newspapers who took photos and interviewed some of us. Mr Mika Lehtonen, the Principal of the school, came hiking with us and he gave a final speech to all the Congolese and Finnish students who were there.

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