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From Pointe-Noire to Äänekoski : an interactive exhibition (3ème Euro)
Article mis en ligne le 15 juin 2015
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During the school year, we had the opportunity to exchange emails with Finnish students.
In their emails they told us about their country and their lives and they sent us powerpoint presentations about Finland (culture, food, sport, hobbies, history…). After that, we sent them videos about Pointe-Noire, we presented our city, our culture to them.
In these emails we talked about Christmas in Congo, ourselves, our work placements, our hopes and fears and at the end we sent them a last video to thank them, say goodbye and we wished them good holidays ! It was very good because they were teenagers like us and it was easy to discuss things with them and we learnt a lot of things about Finland.

Maxime, Kiminou, Tehila, Rodrigue, Merveille

This year we’ve had the opportunity to meet some Finnish teenagers : Elias, Emma, Mira, Aliisa and Maiju. They talked to us about Finland and its interesting facts. But most of all we had the chance of learning about a normal life in Finland for teenagers . Their lives are really interesting : most of the people have saunas in their house and that the best hockey team is the Jokerit !! It’s a normal European country so there are plenty of stores where girls can shop. They also like skiing.

Beatrice, Yves, Elie, Victor and Pierre

Today we’re going to share with you things we learnt thanks to our Finnish penpals.
For example, we discovered that Finns are very good at hockey and ice-skating because they learn it at school. They like football but the fact is… they are really bad at it.
Guess what ? They have Northern lights ! I wish we had them too. They are so beautiful ! They also have really nice natural landscapes with enormous lakes and low pollution. Furthermore, Finns are very weird : some of them give birth in saunas ! They love it ! And weirder, they love liquorice. All that just to say that you should really go and visit this awesome country !!!

Louise with Jaako, Juliette with Mikaela Linna, Abdel with Ronja, Gaetan with Teija.

Our Penpals sent us powerpoint presentations where they introduced us to their country : Finland. We learnt interesting things. Did you know they all have a sauna and that some of them were born in it ? But it’s not the most surprising thing. They have cold bath in iced lakes. This is a little part of their culture. Thanks to their powerpoints, we now know the school system is different than ours : they have to choose between professional schools, or what we call “normal school” at the age of 6. They go and pick mushrooms in the woods. They love different sports, as Ice hockey, or floorball. Finally they have a different culture but it’s nice to discover it too.

Jade, Janis, Théophile, Clotilde, Jessica

Special thanks to our librarians, Mrs Arquembourg and Mrs Lucas de Couville, for letting us use the school library !

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