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Wednesday, 18 February

In the morning, we visited a science museum called « sci-bono ».
The museum is in a large hall with different spaces focused on various themes such as the car engine, electricity, physics, chemistry, health. They were all illustrated by experiments. For instance, at the beginning of the visit the guide showed us the huge tyre of a truck and it mecanism .We saw a transparent car to bettter understand the parts of the engine.

There were many experiments and we could participate. In the last section about the human body, two billboards explained the consequences of the cigarette. There were two photos, one showing the lungs of a smoker the other those of a non-smoker. smoker. The difference was impressing.

We tested our physical capacities with twoy. One of them transformed our energy into electricity wich powered electric devices such as a ventilator and a radio.
Finally, we attended a thirty- minute show which was presented by two comedians that did some experiments with light and laser beams.

We found the museum enriching and very stimulating. The show was closely related to what we had done in class.We left the museum at 2 p.m and we really needed to relax so we went to a huge shopping center in Sandton city.

Most of us had lunch in our favourite fast food restaurant, Mc Donald’s, but others ate in a Japanese restaurant.Then, we all went shopping in this big mall to buy souvenirs.
Our trip ended on a very pleasant day. Everything went well.

Camille,Valentine , Loic,Theo .

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