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Les 5èmes fêtent "CARNAVALANGUES"
Article mis en ligne le 23 février 2018
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The three 5eme classes celebrated Shrove Tuesday on February 21st.
On Wednesday in Lycée Français Charlemagne, we did a pancake race. A Pancake race is people who run with a frying pan and who flip pancakes. To win the race you must run very fast and you mustn’t drop the pancakes.
The winner of the pancake race is 5eme A because Laura Bolt ran a final sprint.
After that, we sang a typical New Orleans carnival song. In class, we listened to the Iko Iko song.
We learned the song together and we created original masks.
And we organized ourselves to know who was going to make pancakes for the festival.
While we were listening to the song, everybody was dancing, singing and laughing. The atmosphere was really cool.
After singing, we watched 2 videos : the Nothing Hill Carnival in London (U.K) and the New Orleans carnival in Louisiana (U.S.A).
In the first video, people watched the carnival walk. They sang and danced in the street. People danced and they wore costumes. With the teacher, we did 5 groups : The Pancakes, the Unicorns, The Iko Ikos, The Winners, and Thunderman. Then, we did a quiz with 6 questions.
In the second video we saw how to make carnival : cakes, dresses and masks. We saw the carnival cottage. In the museum, they have got loads of dresses, masks and instruments.
And finally, we ate pancakes !

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