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Visite à l’International School (ISPN)
Article mis en ligne le 30 janvier 2014
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A visit to ISPN (Iternational School Pointe Noire)
Topic : Last October, the students in 1ère European Section visited the International School of pointe Noire. They read and acted out tales in front of 3 to 9 year old English speaking students.

Some weeks ago, pupils from my grade and me, we went to the International school.

In our English class with Mrs Bougette, we studied during a couple of weeks a unit called « Twice upon a time ». As you can see it, it was a really special unit. Our final task was to write a twisted tale . So, during a few weeks, we had to read all of the old tales our parents used to tell us when we were five.
We read “Cinderella”, “Jack and the Magic Bean”. But as I told you, a lot of the tale were twisted. Instead of “Sleeping beauty” there was “Sleeping ugly” ! We even read an article by a wolf that tried to tell us “The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs !” Can you believe it ?
And as we were talking about pics and beans and that we wanted to improve our oral expression, we decided to go to the International School, to tell the kids some tales ( not twisted ones ! ).

That day finally came and it we were a bit nervous.. Of course, we realized that it was easier to speak English with other French people than exposing our poor French accent to those perfect bilingual pairs of ears, but kindly they didn’t pay too much attention on that. Some students wore costumes to bring the story to life. But, believe me, there was nothing to be worried about !

Those kids were so cute, polite, nice, beautiful ! All of us were happy of what we had done.

The International school in Pointe-Noire is not that big. There’s no Junior High School and HighSchool. The older ones were maybe 9 or 10 years old. It was really cool because the kids seemed interested. They listened to us, and even laughed ! I think they enjoyed it just as much as we did. !After the reading, we spent some great time speaking and playing with them, sharing a little bit of their communicative enthusiasm. We even had the pleasure to hear them singing “Happy Birthday” to Maroussia Krottof, who was 16 that day.The moment to say goodbye sadly came too fast and we had huge difficulties to leave… Thanks to the teachers of ISPN, Mr Gibbons, Mrs Pindor and Mrs Bougette, this was an enriching experience for all of us, we hope to do it again during the year.

Les élèves de 1ère Section Européenne

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